Practice Areas

Our law firm is highly specialized in the field of white-collar crimes.

Thanks to the consolidated experience, expertise and sensitivity of its founding partner, combined with the first-rate work of its seasoned professionals, the law firm provides high quality, timely and efficient legal assistance in criminal proceedings, in particular regarding:

  • Corporate crimes
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency crimes
  • Workplace safety and health crimes
  • Brokerage crimes
  • Tax crimes
  • Banking crimes
  • Crimes against the public administration
  • Crimes against the delivery of justice
  • Environmental and planning crimes
  • Crimes concerning honour, privacy and reputation (defamation in print or other mass communication media)
  • Crimes in the field of public procurement and privatized public enterprises
  • Crimes against the person (murder, bodily injuries, stalking)
  • Crimes against property
  • Crimes against public faith
  • Computer crimes
  • Administrative liability of legal entities
  • Medical liability

Besides providing in-court assistance and defence, the law firm offers out-of-court advice in the form of consultancy on countless aspects of business activity involving possible offences, also in terms of drafting, maintaining and updating of the appropriate Organisation and Management Models, in accordance with Legislative Decree 231 dated 8 June, 2001 on the administrative liability of legal entities and companies.

In this last sector, the law firm provides legal advice:

in the initial phase of drawing up the Model

i.e. examining the specific activities carried out by companies, possible relevant offences, setting up a Supervisory Committee (as well as assigning to this committee specific control duties and powers, and identifying the corporate bodies to which it should report), drafting the criteria on which the business should be based, so that the model is actually suitable to prevent relevant offences and so that the Form is effectively implemented and distributed within the institution, its rules and regulations, and appropriate procedures for adopting and modifying the requirements to ensure the durability of the Form;

in the maintenance phase of the Model

aimed at preserving the suitability and effectiveness of the organizational system adopted by means of its constant updating and revision of the same, as well as drafting and implementing the relevant management protocols;

on specific issues

which companies face from time to time;

in the ‘pathological’ phase

i.e. in cases when an institution is involved in criminal proceedings, in the capacity as administrative manager, according to Legislative Decree n. 231/01.